Mission ...

 Servicing our Clients with integrity while utilizing our fine tuned marketing skills to uniquely create emotional connections between our Clients and their target markets. Action and result - oriented, we work with our Clients to customize strategies that efficiently and effectively achieve their financial and / or policy goals

Vision ...

 To be the premier diverse marketing and consulting company in the Tampa Bay area

Marketing ...

o specializing in reaching diverse demographics

o positioning issues, products or people to evoke desired action

o result oriented market planning

o advertising and promotion

Communication ...

o targeted communication strategy and implementation

o translation

o coordination of earned and paid media

Public Relations ...

o business development planning

o facilitating meetings

o coordinating media

Development ...

o strategic short and long term development plans

o strategic contacts

o positioning and gaining support for issues

Frederick Communications & Consulting LLC was formerly known as Emotional Connections Consulting LLC.

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